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Empress® Esthetic Crowns

Empress® Esthetic Crowns

When it comes to restoring your smile, we utilize the highest quality materials and products available in dentistry. For teeth needing crown restoration, we use Empress® Esthetic Crowns, the material of choice when it comes to single tooth restorations.

About Empress® Esthetic Crowns

Empress Esthetic are composed of a glass-ceramic material that are not only extremely strong and durable, but esthetically exceptional as well. The advantage of using Empress Esthetic is that the crown not only functions like a real tooth, but has a natural appearance as well. The ceramics used in the crown offer an accurate fit and true-to-nature look, leaving you with a healthy, beautiful, restored smile.

For questions about Empress® Esthetic Crowns, ask your dentist at your next visit, or give our practice a call at [site:practice_phone].